5 Important Myths About Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a term used for six different types of naturally occurring minerals. It is made up of thin, but tough fiber that is resistant to fire, heat and other chemicals.

It is used in building materials such as bricks, cement, concrete, coatings of fire retardant, pipes, insulation of ceiling and much more. It is mostly found in three colors which are blue, brown and white and their physical property changes when it is incorporated with other materials.

There is a slight concern for cleaning it and for many decades, there have been many myths circulating about Asbestos removal, especially in Port Macquarie. Some of them are true while others are not.

Here are five common myths concerning about Asbestos Removal.

Myth I: “While cleaning asbestos, if you breathe in one fiber, it will kill you.”

This is not true. It contains different natural properties and can be found in various rocks and stones all over the world. This means that within a certain time, the rocks and stones weather into the air, hence no matter where you live in this world, you might be breathing in a small amount of its fiber which will not cause you much harm; however, if you are overexposed to it, it can be fatal.

Myth II: “Asbestos cause contagious diseases while cleaning.”

The diseases that occur due to asbestos are not contagious at all. It can pass from one person to another through the brush of their clothing.

If a person works in places invaded with it (There are many such places in Port Macquarie), they are at high risk of transferring it to other people. It is better to wear protective clothing before cleaning asbestos and right after finishing cleaning, placing the protective clothes in a container, preventing exposure of it to others.

Myth III: “White asbestos or chrysotile is not hazardous.”

This is not true. Compared to blue and brown asbestos, white asbestos is hazardous. Too much exposure can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma which is a form of cancer that occurs in the linings of the organs of pleura and peritoneum which are chest and abdomen. After many years of exposure to it, such fatal diseases occur.

Myth IV: “Cleaning asbestos pipes regularly will not cause any health or environmental dangers.”

This is true. If the pipes are not cleaned regularly, it will cause both health and environmental hazards. The pipes are built under the ground where all the waste materials of an individual building are disposed through it. You need to be careful while cleaning the pipes as if they get broken or compress under tension, and fibers are released.

Myth V: “You need to have a proper understanding and knowledge of cleaning asbestos.”

This is true. A person needs to receive proper training for asbestos removal, or they will be at a high risk of releasing asbestos fibers. You need to take safety precautions such as wear masks, protective gloves and clothing.

It is often wise to leave such matters to certified asbestos removers. There are many companies of Asbestos removal in Port Macquarie who employs certified cleaners.


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