Children’s Safety And Window Coverings

When you have to deal with children, you can not be sure and predict what will happen in near time. Though sometimes we confidence that we have done a good job in protecting our children from things at home that might be dangerous for them, but accidents can always happen. So, it is better to make sure or at least make a good prevention so that unwanted event won’t be happen. We have heard that children strangled by the cord of our blinds and we must be don’t want that thing happen. So here are few tips to prevent that.

Children’s Safety And Window Coverings.png

  1. Vertical Blinds : you can use the wand control option. So you can adjust the cord up to unreachable height for your child. You  don’t have a dangling cord that a child could easily get wrapped up in.
  2. Existing blinds with long cords : You can cut the cords short so you have enough cord to operate them but eliminating the puddle of cords on the ground.
  3. Use a break through tassel with blinds that need to have longer cords
  4. Use a motorized blind or shade.
  5. Use cordless blind and shade. Besides it is very easy to operate, you can feel at ease too cause there is no cord and all you have to do is lift them up.

Those mentioned above are several options you might consider for your windows covering. It will make it safer for your children, but moreover, adult supervision is a must.


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